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Retribuzione: 500€/month + all expenses paid
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My name is Anaëlle and I am posting this ad to help my blind dad.
He does a lot of humanitarian actions, but as he is blind he cannot do them alone. So, I am helping him to find a travel guide so that he can go on doing humanitarian actions, which is something that he loves doing.

He would pay everything (travel costs, food, hotel/airbnb, etc.) plus pay the guide 500€ per month.

I would personally prefer if I could find a woman to be my dad's new guide. It's not that I have anything against men, it's just that women tend to be more sensitive and pay more attention to the little things/details that make life a little easier and nice.

If you are interested in becoming my dad's guide, please contact me, send me a motivation letter and a CV.

An additional note:
A few people contacted me and said "I have seen ads like this more than once over the years and because of that I am doubting its authenticity". The answer to that is that my dad has been blind for many years and sadly he will stay blind for the rest of his life. And that means that he will always need a guide. Sadly people don't always have time to be a long term guide so my dad has a few short term guides. But he is still hoping to find somebody who would be willing to become his long term guide and to travel with him around the world.

I hope to hear from you soon ;-)
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